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Velcro Wig Ponytail Straight Invisible Hair Extension

Velcro Wig Ponytail Straight Invisible Hair Extension

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1. Increase hair volume and shape facial lines. Some people have less hair quality, so it is more difficult to style, so you can use a wig to make up for this shortcoming. At the same time, it is easy to shape a better face after more hair volume. Lines can make the face look much smaller and younger. The wig manufacturer introduces or you can wear your own...
2. It can protect the hair from damage. Many people like to style their hair. Frequent hair style changes can change their mood. At the same time, some people often need to do styling, such as dyeing, because of work reasons such as performing on stage. Different colors or perm hair, etc., it is easy to damage the hair quality,


[Product length]: 24inch 60cm

 [Product material]: chemical fiber matte high temperature wire 

Ponytail style: Velcro ponytail straight hair
Applicable people: ladies
Processing technology: mechanism
Can it be dyed and ironed: it can be dyed
Hair material: high temperature wire

Package Content:

1*Velcro ponytail straight hair

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