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VR Glasses Thousand Magic Lens Wear Immersive Headset

VR Glasses Thousand Magic Lens Wear Immersive Headset

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Product information:

Display size: 300 (inches)
Video input: mobile phone
Media format: MP3, AVI, RMVB, WMV, WMA, WAV, MPG
Resolution: 720-1080
Screen size: 4.7-6.5
Product Type: Smart Glasses
Applicable people: children, adults, fashion, business, public
Digital glasses function: social entertainment, 424007487
Material: plastic
Camera: none
Extras: Games
Wearing method: head-mounted
Body memory: mobile phone
Appearance size: 207*109*178mm

Stereo VR Standard Version
Stereo VR+Y1 Black Bluetooth Remote Control
Stereo VR+Y1 White Bluetooth Remote Control
Stereo VR+B03 Bluetooth Remote Control
Stereo VR+052 Bluetooth Remote Control
Stereo VR+032 Mini Remote Control
Stereo VR+B01 Bluetooth Remote Control
Stereo VR+051 Bluetooth Remote Control
Stereo VR+R1 Mini Controller
Stereo VR+C018 Gamepad
Stereo VR+050 Gamepad
Stereo VR+058 Chicken Handle


① Detachable earphones, light and portable. Comes with function keys to control volume, pause playback, and answer calls. (VR buttons are not compatible with Apple phones)
② Wide range of compatibility: support Android and Apple mobile phones with a screen size of 4.7-6.53 inches
③HD lens, 42mm diameter aspheric optical resin lens, 96° immersive large viewing angle IMAX giant screen
④Independent focusing: 0-500 degrees can be adjusted, and can adjust the front and rear and left and right interpupillary distance. Independently install adjustable elastic headgear.
Field of View 96°
Mobile phone required: within 4.7-6.53 inches
Interpupillary distance adjustment: 58-68mm
Farsightedness: Farsightedness 200- Myopia 600
Interaction method: Combination of head control and handle remote control
Headphones: 3.5mm in-line interface, 3D stereo audio headphones, power ≤50mW;
Sensitivity 98db; frequency response range 20-20000Hz.
How to use: It must be used together with a mobile phone; mobile phone application market download: VR player APP.

Packing list:

VR glasses*1; manual*1; lens cleaning cloth*1; English packaging*1

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